14647 Walters Road
Houston, TX 77068
Phone: 281-444-6947
Fax: 281-444-4092

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We play all year and leagues are always forming.

Please feel free to call or Email us for deadline dates or additional information.

Feel free to drop by and see us. Our normal hours are:

Don't have a team but want to play? We can help.

Welcome to the Northwest Indoor Soccer home page!
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A $25 annual player registration fee must be paid by all players in order to participate in our leagues.

Games are free to watch and visitors are always welcome! We are open most weekdays from 6pm to 10pm and weekends by rental appointment or 1 hour prior to first scheduled game.

Open Play hours are Fridays, 11:30pm-3am. Anyone is free to come and play for only $10!

Cleats or indoors are allowed, and shin guards are REQUIRED to play.