Individual Player Registration FAQ

Q:  Why do I have to register to be an individual player? 
A:  The individual player registration is a price increase. We have made the decision to implement an individual player registration instead of an increase of league fees.

Q:  Am I registered at all let's play facilities with my $15 fee?
A:  Yes, you are registered at all Let's Play Facilities nationwide with your individual registration fee.

Q:  Are the league fees going down?
A:  League fees will stay the same as they have been for the last several years.

Q:  Are ref fees going down?
A:  Ref fees are staying the same at $10 (Youth), $12 (HS – Adult), $15 (Flag Football).

Q:  Can I my renew registration fee before my current one expires?
A:  The registration fee covers 365 days. If you pay early your remaining days will roll over to your new registration. If you have ten days left and you reregister then you will get 375 days with the registration.

Q:  Can I pay the registration fee online?
A:  Yes, the registration fee will be payable online through the web site and your personal profile to save time.

Q:  Where can I see when my registration is due to expire?
A:  If you log into the web site you can see your registration date on your personal page along with all your team info.  Any member of our staff can update you as well. 


Please let me know if you have any other questions not covered in this email. 

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