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Oklahoma City, OK 73127
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We play all year and leagues are always forming.

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Service Fee starting in November

Why are we doing this?

Due to increasing costs such as ongoing capital repairs, we are forced to pass those costs on to the customer. In order to ensure we are being as fair as possible, we did not want to raise team fees so instead have chosen to implement a service fee.

How are we increasing fees?

A service fee for all players of $25.00 per year or $15.00 per season will be assessed. Coaches of a team that do not play will not be required to pay this fee. Example: If we raised team fees $50.00, it would be an increase on average of $5.00 for each player per season. There are usually six (6) seasons per year which would cost a player an extra $30.00 per year; meaning a player that is on more than one team would then pay double or $60.00 per year; 3 teams would be $90.00 per year, etc.

How long is the fee good for?

The Annual fee is good for 365 days starting when you pay it OR the Seasonal fee is good for one season. You will get an automatic email reminder, about the annual fee.

Is the service fee good at any Let’s Play facility?

Yes, once the service fee is paid, it is good at all 26 Let’s Play facilities, including the new Oklahoma City Sports Center near Edmond. (405) 441-6786 -- OKCSC@letsplaysoccer.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!